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Terms & Conditions


This section sets forth the terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") for the use of the content and services (hereinafter, the "Services") of the website specified in clause 12 (hereinafter, the "Website"). The Website and the Services are provided by the company detailed in clause 12 (hereinafter, "WWO").


Some digital solutions may only be available in selected countries. Some digital solutions may be available for free, while others may be available for payment only, or for free with additional paid services; we reserve the right to change the status of a digital solution at any time, but you will not be charged for any service without separate notice and information.


If you do not agree with the General Conditions, please leave the Website and refrain from using the Services offered. Your use of the Website will be understood as full and unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions set forth here.


Hereinafter, the terms "You" and "User" will be used to refer to all natural and/or legal persons who, for any reason, access the Website.




1.1) Access to the Website:

Access and use of the Website require prior subscription or registration of the User and/or payment of a fee.


1.2) Use of the Website:

1.2.1) The User agrees to use the Website in accordance with these General Conditions, the applicable laws under clause 12, and with morality and good customs.

1.2.2) The User shall refrain from using the Website for illicit purposes, contrary to the provisions of the General Conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that may damage, disable, overload, or deteriorate the Website or hinder its normal use by Users.


1.3) Content of the Website:

1.3.1) The contents of this Website, such as text, information, graphics, images, logos, trademarks, computer programs, databases, designs, functional architecture, and any other material (hereinafter, the "Content"), are protected by the applicable laws in each jurisdiction under clause 12, including, but not limited to, laws on copyright, patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial designs, and domain names.

1.3.2) All Content is the property of WWO and/or any other affiliated company and/or its content providers. The compilation, interconnection, operation, and disposition of the contents of the Website are the exclusive property of WWO and/or its affiliated companies. Unauthorized use, adaptation, reproduction, and/or commercialization of the Content may be subject to penalties under the current legislation in each jurisdiction.

1.3.3) You shall not copy or adapt the programming code developed by, or on behalf of, WWO to generate and operate its pages, which are protected by the applicable and current legislation in each jurisdiction.


1.4) Permitted Use of the Website


1.4.1) General Rules:

Users are prohibited from using the Website to transmit, distribute, store, or destroy material that (i) violates current regulations, (ii) infringes the rights of third parties or violates the confidentiality, honor, privacy, image, or other personal rights of others.


1.4.2) Website Security Rules:

Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Website, including, but not limited to: (i) accessing data not intended for such user or entering a server or account to which access is not authorized for the User, (ii) assessing or testing the vulnerability of a system or network or violating security or identification measures without proper authorization, (iii) attempting to prevent service to any User, host, or network, including, but not limited to, sending viruses to the Website or using saturation or denial-of-service attacks, (iv) sending unsolicited mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services, or (v) forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information of any email or forum messages.


1.4.3) Violations of the security of the system or network constitute criminal offenses and may result in civil liabilities. WWO will investigate cases of security violations and may refer to the competent judicial or administrative authority to prosecute Users involved in such violations.


1.5) Prohibited Uses:


1.5.1) The Website may only be used for lawful purposes, to access information related to the Services available through it. WWO specifically prohibits any use of the Website to: Announce incomplete, false, or inaccurate biographical data. Register more than one account corresponding to the same user. Use any mechanism to prevent or attempt to prevent the proper functioning of this Website or any activity being carried out on this Website. Disclose or share your password with third parties, or use your password for unauthorized purposes. The use or attempted use of any machine, software, tool, agent, or other mechanism to navigate or search this Website other than the search tools provided by WWO on this Website. Attempt to decipher, decompile, or obtain the source code of any software program on this Website.


1.5.2) WWO reserves the right to suspend or terminate the registration of any User who, in the exclusive judgment of WWO, does not comply with the standards defined in these General Conditions or with WWO's current policies, without generating any right to compensation.




2.1) When registering on the Website, you will be asked to provide WWO with certain information, including, among others, name and surname, country of residence, address, and a valid email address (if applicable), among others.


2.2) WWO reserves the right to offer you services and products from third parties based on the preferences you indicated at the time of registration or at any later time; such offers may be made by WWO or third parties.


2.3) Please refer to the Website's Privacy Policy for details regarding the processing of your Personal Data.


2.4) The User will be responsible for all uses of their account, whether authorized or not by you. You must immediately notify WWO of any unauthorized use of your account or password.


2.5) Registered Users and/or Users using WWO's Services guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the information provided and agree to keep it duly updated, informing WWO of any modifications through the "Contact" section available on the main page of the Website.


2.6) The User authorizes that the personal information provided be shared with WWO's clients.




3.1) The use of the Website and/or the Services offered through it is prohibited for persons lacking legal capacity to contract or minors under the applicable legislation in clause 12. In such cases, minors or incapacitated persons must obtain prior permission from their parents, guardians, or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for all acts performed by the persons under their care.


3.2) By accessing the Website and using the Services, the User confirms that they are of legal age.




4.1) The User declares and accepts that the use of the Website, its Services, and the contents is under their sole and exclusive responsibility.




5.1) Given the state of technology and the structure and functioning of networks, the Website cannot confirm that each User is who they claim to be.


5.2) WWO does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Website and the Services offered. Not all Services and contents, in general, are available in all geographical areas. Likewise, WWO does not guarantee the usefulness of the Website and the Services for the realization of any particular activity, nor its infallibility, and in particular, although not exclusively, that Users can effectively use the Website, access the different web pages that make up the Website, or those from which the Services are provided.


5.3) WWO does not guarantee that the Website will operate free of errors or that the Website and its server are free of computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms.


5.4) The Website and the Services are provided as-is, without warranties of any kind.


5.5) In no event shall WWO be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct and/or indirect damages, lost profits, or loss of opportunities resulting from the use or inability to use the Website, without prejudice to WWO having been warned of the possibility of such damages.


5.6) WWO excludes all liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the actions of unauthorized third parties regarding the Users' Personal Data, as well as the Services offered on the Website.




6.1)The Website contains links to other websites. WWO does not endorse the contents of these websites. WWO is not responsible for the content of third-party websites and makes no statements regarding the content or its accuracy on these third-party websites. If you decide to access linked third-party websites, you do so at your own risk.




7.1) You agree not to assign, under any title, your rights or obligations under these General Conditions. You also agree not to make any unauthorized commercial use of the Website.


7.2) Likewise, the User undertakes to use the Website and the Services diligently and in accordance with the applicable and current law and these General Conditions.




8.1) WWO has the power, but not the obligation, to issue warnings, temporary suspensions, and permanent cancellations (termination) of registered Users for breaches of these General Conditions and/or any notice, usage regulations, and instructions communicated to the User by WWO.


8.2) Notwithstanding the above, WWO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to use all legal means at its disposal if you violate any of these General Conditions.




You agree to indemnify WWO against any charges, actions, or demands, including, but not limited to, reasonable legal expenses, arising from your use of the Website, the Content, and the Services.




10.1) WWO reserves the right to modify these General Conditions in whole or in part at any time. In the event of any modification, WWO will notify the User at the email address registered to use the Website and the Services. The User agrees that notification by WWO to that email address shall be deemed sufficient notice, and waives any challenge regarding notifications sent by WWO to that email address. Likewise, if the User continues to use the Services and/or the Website, it will be deemed that they have implicitly accepted the new General Conditions.


10.2) In the event that any clause of these General Conditions is declared null and void, such nullity shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses, which shall remain in full force and effect.


10.3) These General Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy, constitute the entire agreement between You and WWO regarding the use of the Website.




11.1) The provision of the Website Service has an indefinite duration. Notwithstanding the foregoing, WWO is authorized to terminate or suspend the provision of the Website Service and/or any of the Contents at any time.




12.1) United States of America


12.2) WWO stands for: Water Well Online Inc., a limited liability company with business ID EIN 86-1955382, and having its registered office and principal place of business at 4166 Forest Dr, Weston FL 33332-2141, United States.


12.3) The Website is and


12.4) These General Conditions are governed by the laws of the United States of America. The User submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Miami, USA, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction and/or venue.




If you have questions about the "General Conditions" when using the Website, please contact us at the following email addresses:




You acknowledge that the Website may be subject to export control and trade sanctions regulations, including, for example, regulations of the European Union, the United Nations, and the United States of America, and that the export, reexport, transfer, retransfer, or transmission of the Website ("export/reexport") may, therefore, be restricted. You agree to comply with all applicable export control and trade sanctions regulations in your use and disposition of the Website, including, for example, obtaining relevant export/import authorizations and not providing access to the Website to sanctioned individuals and entities. The Website cannot be used for nuclear, military, or weapons purposes, or in connection with them.




We have the right, at our sole discretion, to make modifications and revisions to the terms of this Agreement to reflect changes in technology, standards, legislation, administrative or business practices, or cost structure to provide the services. Such modifications and revisions will be notified to you through the service no later than thirty (30) days before they come into effect.


You will be deemed to have accepted all modifications and revisions if you continue to use the service. If you do not agree with the changes, you may terminate this Agreement at any time by closing your account.


We also have the right, at our sole discretion, to make modifications and revisions to the services and the terms of this Agreement at any time due to reasons of security or compliance, or due to suspicion of fraudulent activity. Such modifications will be posted on our site and you will be notified without undue delay.




You agree to pay the fees and charges for the use of the Services in accordance with the price list available on our site. We reserve the right to change the fees or pricing principles from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.




Although we are not considering doing so, we have the right to suspend the services completely and terminate this Agreement in the event that our business ends for any reason or if the business is transferred, sold, or merged with a third party. Before the cessation of the services, we will send notice to our users and inform them about the procedure for sending a copy of the corresponding database related to their user.


These "Terms and Conditions" were last updated on July 24, 2023.

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