Basic Notions

Who is this application designed for?

The application is a graphics-based information management system to be used in the groundwater industry. is designed for water well drillers, whereby the driller can access information about his "customer wells".


The driller being able to perform / estimate the actions to be taken on a well as quickly and accurately as possible.


Basic Structure

This application is structured in the form of numbered "Service Orders", which are associated with a "Water Well".  At the same time, each “Water Well” is within one of the "Branches", and each “Branch” is within a "Customer".




Service Order

Therefore, a "Customer" can have multiple "Branches", within a "Branch" there may be multiple "Water Wells", and to each of these "Water Wells" multiple "Service Orders" can be made.


¿Por qué no puedo eliminar un Cliente?

La estructura de un cliente está basada en el siguiente esquema:

No se puede eliminar un cliente siempre que el cliente tenga pozos asociados a él, ya que estaría eliminando la información del pozo también: