Driller Information

Driller information

The Driller information refers to the Drilling company information.

Driller’s Information Name, address, logo, subscription plan

The Driller information refers to the Drilling company information.

In this section, the user will be able to specify the following information about the drilling Company:

  • Driller Information (general information about the driller):

    • Company Name

    • Country

    • State

    • Address

    • Start Date

    • Phone

  • Plan Information:

    • Subscription Plan

    • Subscription Plan Start (date)

    • Subscription Plan Termination (date)

  • Settings:

    • Time Zone

    • Date format

  • Units Preferences:

    • Length

    • Flow

    • Diameters

    • Power

    • Temperature

    • Pressure

  • Company Logo (for paid plans only)

    • To Include the company logo, upgrade now your subscription plan now by clicking here.

Units Preferences

The configurable measuring units used in the system are:

  • Length:

    • meters

    • feet

    • millimeters

    • centimeters 

    • yards

  • Flow:

    • Liters per second

    • liters per minute

    • gallons per minute (USA)

    • British gallon per minute

    • cubic feet per second (CFM)

  • Diameters:

    • Millimeters

    • inches (inch)

    • meters.

  • Power:

    • Kilowatts (Kw)

    • Horsepower (HP)

  • Temperature:

    • Celsius (ºC)

    • Fahrenheit

  • Pressure:

    • Kilopascal (KPa)

    • Pound per Square Inch (psi)

    • bar

    • millimeters water column (mmH2O)


These units are configurable per Driller, so each user associated to a Driller will have the information displayed using those measuring units set.



This section shows the subscription’s payment history.

The dashboard includes the payment date, Information about the payment transaction and the fee paid.


Note that transactions can be ordered by date and that it is possible to select how many transactions will be displayed.